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설립목적 및 연혁 Foundation & History

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Founded in February, 1983
Registered in January, 1995 as a corporation


Suite204, 254 Pirun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-044, Korea


The KOSAE is a professional organization for the scientific and technological advancement in the field of atmospheric environment through research and exchange of information, thereby contributing to the national welfare.


The KOSAE consists of a president, 7 vice presidents, 29 directors, 2 inspectors, 156 life members, 94 group members and 2,700 full members as in July 2012, who are professors, students, public employees and business personnels.


To achieve its objectives, the KOSAE host the following activities:

1. Hosting biannual conferences and seminar.
Publishing the KOSAE journals (6 times in Korean and 4 times in English annually).
3. Promoting academic research and technological development on atmospheric environment through
  various awards for scholastic achievement, outstanding publication, technological development, and
  volunteer work for the society.
4. Performing research and surveys, technological development, consultation, and international academic
  exchange in the field of atmospheric environment as follows:

  Special Projects
   Development of ozone alert system
   Consulting of Air(including Indoor Air) Pollution Management and Control
   Monitoring of Air pollutants in Sources
   Assessment of Air Pollution
   Policy of Air Quality Management
   Health Effect of Air Quality

 International Workshops
   International workshop on the sandy dust (2002.3.21~23)   
     Ozone workshop (2002.4.12)
       Attending the international workshops held by the Japan Society for Atmospheric
       Environment(2007.9.5~7, Okayama University and 2006.9.4~5, Tokyo University)

 Research Subcommittee
  Early operation of korean-type photochemical measurement network
  VOCs measuring technology workshop
  Tendency and prospect on the state-of the-art technology in the measurement of VOCs and foul odor in
  the atmospheric environment.
  Control technology; 4 workshops, such as "odor and VOCs management and control(2006.12.2, Kangwon
      National University)."
Indoor air quality; 4 workshops and symposia on subway, school building.
      Global environment; 4 workshops and symposia, such as "international symposium on greenhouse gas
      study on estimate forgreenhouse gas emission(2007.3.21, Seoul National University)."
  Dispersion/Reaction; 2 CALPUFF modeling trainings and 2 workshops
  Human/Ecosystem impact; 3 workshops, such as "environmental effect of nano particles on health and
  management policy management policy (2006.12.22, Yonsei University)."
  Measurement/Analysis; 3 workshops and technology lectures.

International Conference
  The 12th IUAPPA-World Atmospheric Conservation Meeting (2001.8.26.~8.31.)