Dear Members of the Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment,
I extend to each of you my heartfelt wishes for good health and happiness in the new year.

In the face of many challenges, our Society has not only survived but also thrived in the field of atmospheric environment, developing its own expertise and becoming an important center for academic and research exchanges. This success has been due to the active support and participation of our dedicated members, to whom I express my sincere gratitude.

As we enter the new year, significant changes are expected in atmospheric environmental and climate-related research, both domestically and internationally. Adapting to these changes will require innovation and the acquisition of new skills. In line with my presidential candidate's pledge, I intend to streamline the roles and activities of existing committees, address timely issues by incorporating the AJAE Journal into SCI, and revitalize the IUAPPA Secretariat. In the long term, we will carefully consider the Society's vision and future trajectory in response to emerging paradigms and technological advances in climate change adaptation and AI, with a particular focus on the atmospheric environment. To strengthen the Society's responsiveness to emerging growth areas, I intend to work with the membership to review and discuss changes and efforts related to the Society's roles and responsibilities.

In particular, I am committed to supporting young scientists and the next generation of scholars by expanding opportunities for their participation and ensuring that their innovative research activities serve as a catalyst for the development of the Society. This new administration attaches paramount importance to the balanced development of various academic and technical fields, in particular by establishing programs to support research activities in technical fields, fostering the next generation, and providing job security to fulfill our societal duty to train specialized personnel in technologies to combat air pollution and climate change.

Once again, I express my deep gratitude to the members of the Society for their unwavering support. In the coming year, I will work to align plans and execution to further strengthen our Society's distinctive identity and academic authority.

Sincerely. Gangwoong Lee

21st Prseident of the Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment