President Auditors Vice President Vice President (Editorial) Vice President (Academic)/ Academic Director Chair of Fine Particle Committee/ Fine Particle Director Chair of Carbon Neutrality Committee/ Carbon Neutrality Director hair of Business Committee/ Business Director Chair of Planning Committee/ Planning Director Chair of International Committee/ International Director/ IUAPPA Director Chair of Education and Future Committee/ Education and Future Director Chair of Young Bridge Scientist Committee/ Young Bridge Scientist Director Chair of Publicity Committee/ Publicity Director Director, General Secretariat
Division member

KOSAE the 21th Excutive Division

Position Name Affiliation
President Lee, Gangwoong Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Vice President (Editorial) Park Rokjin Seoul National University
Vice President (Academic) Song, Ji Hyeon Sejong University
Vice President Kim, Ki-Hyun Hanyang University
Vice President Song, Chul han Gwangju Institute of Science and technology
Vice President Shin, Yongseung Seoul Institute of Public Health and Environment
Vice President Yoo, Myung Soo National Institute of Environmental Research
Vice President Yu, Seung Do Korea Environment Corporation
Vice President Lee Heekwan Incheon National University
Chair of Fine Particle Committee Kim, Soontae Ajou University
Chair of Carbon Neutrality Committee Song, Chang Keun Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Chair of Young Bridge Scientist Committee Bae, Min Suk Mokpo National University
Chair of Business Committee Kim, Jong Ho Hanseo University
Chair of Planning Committee Yi, Seung Muk Seoul National University
Chair of International Committee Cho, Kyeong Doo The Incheon Institute
Chair of Education and Future Committee Jung, Woo-Sik Inje University
Chair of Publicity Committee Kim, ChungKoo KNJ ENGINEERING, INC.
Director General BAE, Mun joo Yonsei Universiry
(Editorial Director, JKOSAE) Kim, Sang-Woo Seoul National University
(Editorial Director, AJAE) Lee, Tae Hyoung Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Academic Director Jeon, Ki-Joon Inha University
Fine Particle Committee Director Choi, Wonsik Pukyong National University
Carbon Neutrality Director Young-Il Ma Ulsan Research Institute
Young Bridge Scientist Director Kim, Min Joong Myongji University
Business Director CHOI, SANGJIN EILAP Inc.
Planning Director Yeo, Min Ju Yonsei University
International Director Kwak, Kyung-Hwan Kangwon National University
Education and Future Director Kim, Hwajin Seoul National University
Publicity Director Song, Mi Jung Jeonbuk National University
Director Kang, Dae Il National Institute of Environmental Research
Director Koo, Ja-Ho Yonsei University
Director Kim, Daekeun Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Director Kim, Jin Young Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Director Song, Sang-Keun Jeju National University
Director Yoo, Kyung Seun Kwangwoon University
Director Cho, Kuk Pusan National University
Director   SK planet
Director   Korea Maritime and Ocean University
Auditors Han, Young Ji Kangwon National University
Auditors Yoon, Hoon G. APM Engineering Co.